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 Client Testimonial

First off, let me state that I want to be friends with Jenny even though we have never met! She was there for me when my domain expired and I couldn’t figure out how to gain access to my account, she gave me suggestions on names for my new blog and then was awesome about supporting my desires with my blog in terms of feel and look. Jenny was there and ready to give feedback, support and trouble shoot my issues AND she did all those things not once, but TWICE! I started working with her a few months ago to revamp my blog and then quickly after she finished, my domain purchase and transfer had issues (non of which were her issue at all) and she totally came in a re-did my blog for the second time within the last month. Throughout all of our interactions she has been very timely with her responses and with her work. I am so happy I have been able to work with Jenny, she has given me the blog I wanted but never knew I could have. On a bonus, I have gotten fantastic feedback on the look of the blog and on the slides show that she put in for me (it’s snazzy).  Clearly, I would highly recommend her and will sing her praises to anyone one who wants to know. thanks again jenny for your great work!

If Prince Charming were a Bad Ass…

I come from a family of avid schedulers.

Everything has to have a time.

A place.

And we need to be there 10 minutes early.

Naturally, when my sister’s boyfriend Chris went MIA just minutes before we were supposed to leave for a horseback riding excursion through the cliffs in Maui, all of our metaphorical panties were in a huge ass bunch.

Through tears of confusion and heartache, my sister Kristin told us that Chris was mad about a strange Facebook message she received in the middle of the night.

Wait, what? Chris? The guy who doesn’t flinch when all three of your dogs piss all over the carpet? The guy who will willingly walk around Whole Foods with us and not complain once as we spend hours scouring the aisles in pursuit of hummus? Our Chris?


Regardless, my brother urged us to go to continue on with our day as planned.

We hesitantly drove to the ranch, unsure as to why Chris was being such an “asshole”.

Once we arrived, our guide Stacy asked if all 8 of us we’re here.

“No, there’s only 7 of us. One couldn’t make it”.

“Oh, really? One of you couldn’t make it?”. She giggled under her breath.

We peered at her as if to say “zip it, Stace. Sore subject”.

Before boarding our horses, we were told that they were going to drive us down to the middle of the cliffs for a photo opportunity. SLRs in tow, we happily obliged and hopped in the back of a 1972 pick up truck.

We arrived at the site and started snapping shots of royal blue waters and perfectly imperfect cliffs jutting in to the ocean. Once each picture began looking like the last, we started packing up shop and heading back for the truck.

Before we could board, a helicopter blazed through the sky. It spun in circles that gave me vertigo just from watching. Then, it began flying towards us. It hovered over the cliff until finally, it landed. My sisters and I looked at each other in a panic.

This could mean one of two things:

1. My dad booked us a helicopter tour with a seemingly drunk and perpetually insane pilot. In which case, Dad, you’re on your own.

2. The police are looking for my brother.

Fortunately, our fears were alleviated once we saw a familiar face emerge from the helicopter.

My sister’s own badass Prince Charming.

As Chris walked towards us, we remained slightly confused, and anxious to get our hands on the champagne that he was clutching in his hand.

Then, clarity.

His knee kissed the grass.

Diamond encrusted love illuminated the sky.

Shrieks of “OH MY GOD” bellowed throughout the open air.

and then finally…


 photo 4

“I love you”.

photo 3

and, “Welcome to the family”.


Let the celebrating begin…

photo 1

When yoga stops being about kale chips

image (4)

When I first started getting in to yoga, I was convinced that I needed to surrender all of my “dirty” habits in order to be a real yogini. I found myself perpetually biting my lip to avoid cursing, being hyper aware of only eating “clean” unprocessed foods, and spending all of my free time browsing the web for kale chip recipes. I hate kale. Despite having a closet filled with painfully trendy tops, my daily attire consisted of yoga pants and neon colored headbands. I felt like in order to truly be a zen goddess I essentially had to strip myself of everything that made me, me: vulgar humor, fashion, good food. I didn’t think that these traits were compatible with the yoga life ( <– reality show just waiting to happen? ). Then I discovered that the only requirements for being a yogini were being the most honest and authentic version of yourself. K, I can do that.

Coming to terms with the fact that I could rock obnoxious statement necklaces and rationalize eating chocolate cake that didn’t require spinach as a secret ingredient made me fall even more in love with my practice. My mat became a place where I could be me. I could fall. I could cry. I could wear my favorite tye die tank top from 8th grade sleep away camp. It didn’t matter, as long as I remained connected to my natural spirit.

My practice is rooted in the following principles:

  • I am purposeful
  • I am unique
  • I am imperfect
  • I am strong
  • I am willing to challenge myself (physical and mentally)
  • I am peace
  • I am optimistic
  • I am vulnerable
  • I am patient with myself and others
  • I am uninhibited.

Despite what I choose to wear, eat, say, etc. as long as all of my actions support these principles, I consider myself to be a total yoga  badass.