Home sweet home

I’ve officially survived my first week in Florida and honestly, I couldn’t be happier. I promise I’ll stop posting about how much I love my new home once the honeymoon phase is over. So maybe like, 5 years.

Aside from taking full advantage of the BOGOs at Publix and helping myself to all of the processed snacks that I’ve passively viewed on the grocery aisles for the past few years…

….I’ve also started up my new job.

I haven’t really divulged any info on the new gig. This is partially because a part of me still hadn’t come to terms with the fact that it was real. But I had my first day on Monday and officially updated my Facebook profile. In other words, shit’s legit!

I’m now working as a brand manager at Keen Marketing and Manufacturing company. Marketing, social media, graphic design, food. I’m living the dream. At least, my dream.

On the home front, I’m still getting settled in. The charm of eating off of paper plates on the floor is starting to wear off, and I’m really looking forward to getting some silverware and, like, a chair would be nice.

But I’m not complaining. I would happily endure perpetual rug burn on my butt from sitting on the floor if it means that I’m able to wake up to this every morning.

Home sweet home.


Featured Design | Girl Meets World

I was really excited when Sarah first contacted me to redesign her blog. Proud single lady that loves to travel? Love her. Then I found out she lives in Orlando. Can we be best friends? No, but really…

Fortunately she ended up loving the final design


I think a celebratory blog reveal coffee date may be in order.

Click on over here to check out the final design and the blush-worthy testimonial that she posted on her blog. I kind of want to print out and tape to my refrigerator.



Over the past few weeks I’ve…

Packed up my entire life

Come to terms with the fact that I’m an absolute hoarder

Spent more money than I have in the past 5 years.

Fortunately the adorable mom was free of charge.
Shamelessly flirted with customer service reps to try and get deals on aforementioned purchases.

Said goodbye come visit ASAP to some of the most amazing people that I know

and tomorrow I’m boarding a plane with a one way ticket towards the biggest risk of my life.

I should be scared, right? But for some reason I’m not.

I’ve lived in perpetual fear, anxiety, and worry for the past 7 years, and now – as I’m confronted by perhaps the most life-altering challenge I’ve ever faced – I finally feel peace and contentment.

This is right.