lusting | office spaces

In my next home (or life…whichever comes first), my #1 requirement is to find a place that has room to design a home office with ample space and natural lighting. My current apartment is barely large enough to accommodate a child’s PlaySkool desk, so for now I make due at the bar counter in my kitchen while I lust over these gorgeous office spaces.


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What’s your favorite room in your home? 

words | but what if i fall?


I think we’re programmed to constantly anticipate worst case scenarios. We shy away from risk because we fear failure, and often times this fear comes at the expense of fulfilling our potential.  But what if we rewired our brains? What if instead of habitually restraining our potential for the sake of practicality and comfort, our default became pursuing opportunities for the sake of….well, YOLO-ing. (<- trademarked). Because it’s true…we do only live once. I know. Are you rolling your eyes? I knew I used to until I experienced first hand the magic that can happen when we decide to take a risk.

Staying in Connecticut would have been so easy. Rent was cheaper, I had summers off, and was surrounded by friends and family. Moving down here was the scariest and most unpredictable decision I could have made for myself…and I thank god every day that I did. I landed a job here on May 11th, and was all moved in to my apartment on June 3rd. I had two weeks to completely transform my life. I didn’t have time to talk myself out of it. I had to believe that I would fly. I think the fact that I was forced to disregard practicality for the sake of potentially life-changing spontaneity is why I actually made the move. Sometimes we talk ourselves out of  doing the things that scare us when what we should be doing is talking ourselves in to doing the things that scare us. The outcome may be uncertain, but the fact of the matter is that nothing in life is guaranteed. You could get fired from your job tomorrow and if you did – what would be more discouraging? The fact that you were fired, or the fact that you wasted so much time and energy in to something that you didn’t care about. Sometimes what we really need to do fall in love with uncertainty and bask in the fear.

Let me say it again: you only live once.

Let’s fly. 

When’s the last time you risked failure for the sake of doing something that you really wanted to? Perhaps you’re struggling with an important decision now? Feel free to share! 

what the font? part 1 | best sites to find fonts

Beautiful typeography make me giddy. I could spend hours browsing for new fonts, and oftentimes do.

There are a TON of websites where you can download both free and premium fonts. It can be overwhelming! Chances are, your needs for fonts will vary depending on your intended use for them. If you’re creating a simple graphic in Photoshop or some other design software, free fonts are definitely adequate. If you’re designing for high-res prints or other professional purposes – premium fonts are, well, premium.

I’ve consolidated a list of my three my favorite sources for both free and premium fonts. (Not sure what the difference is? Click here to read more about why fonts are so expensive…and why they may be worth the cost) WTF_1

Web-safe | Google Web Fonts: Have you ever seen a strand of text displayed one way on your computer and found it looked totally different on someone else’s? Chances are the font that you were looking at wasn’t “web-safe”. That’s where Google Web Fonts comes in. Each of the fonts are web-safe and will display the same across all monitors. This is particularly important for fonts that are embedded throughout your website design. If you’re using fonts just for graphics that you’ll be creating in Photoshop then it’s not necessary for the font to be web safe.

Free | This used to be my favorite source for fonts until I discovered how much a difference premium fonts make. Dafont has a really large selection of typefaces and you can filter your preferences based on what you’re looking for (i.e. handwritten, serif, san-serif, etc). The one hang-up about is that the quality of the fonts is subpar, as is to be expected. Again, it’s going to depend on what or who you’re designing for.

Premium Fonts | Fontspring: The cost of premium fonts can be a little overwhelming at first. Some run upwards of $100 (I know, right?). Often times the high cost is because premium fonts are sold as font families. This means that you’ll get a bundle that has all of the font styles (hairline, light, normal, bold, extra bold, black). The great thing about Fontspring is that you can purchase fonts “per-weight”. So if you just want the “normal” style of a font, then that’s all you’re paying for. As far as premium fonts go, this is definitely the best option for staying within a budget. The selection of fonts is really extensive and they also offer great licensing options.

And, my friends, we’ve only scratched the surface. Stay tuned for part 2: how to download and install fonts on to your computer. 

What style of fonts do you gravitate towards? serif? san-serif? handwritten? Not sure the difference between all of these? Let me know and feel free to leave any other questions that you have!