iPhone freebie | snowed out

I’m usually pretty good at making the most out of every situation and staying relaxed when things go wrong. That being said, when my flight home was cancelled this morning, I was just pissed. I mean, obviously I know a lot more about flight safety than the airlines do. But the universe took care of business as it always does, and I was able to book a flight in for tomorrow AM. It seemed appropriate to design this wallpaper and rock TEMPORARILY. Come Saturday it’s back to palm trees and poolside photos of my bare feet :)


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Now pardon me while I go enjoy my time being snowed in out…10832005_741348035920051_1395265708_n


5 days of freebies | blessed!

I know I know. We should be thankful all day every day, but it’s easy get lost in the chaos of life and forget the count our blessings. I’ve decided to celebrate the most gratuitous week of the year with 5 DAYS OF FREEBIES to spread the love and express how much I appreciate each and every one of you!  To kick off the week, we have this BLESSED iPhone background. Enjoy!


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