TMI Survey

Some notes on what I’ve been up to lately (p.s. survey inspiration a la  Gracie <–check her out! ) 

Making: a new site design for PBJ. You had to have known it was coming, right? I wanted to simplify things in the mean time, so what you’re seeing how is a transitory layout.  Stay tuned! 

Cooking Battling: Oatmeal. I lost.image

Drinking: I’m not drinking anything this second, but recently I’ve been hooked on this coconut mocha coffee. It was on super clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond so I bought it on a whim. I know, it’s November… very unseasonal…but one can only consume so many pumpkin flavored things a day.

Reading listening: Loving What Is. #lifechanger

Wanting: These over the knee riding boots >>

Looking: at color palettes. I could do this all day. It’s a strange addiction.

Playing:  madilyn bailey >> thrift shop cover : Actually, I’m listening to all of her cover songs. On repeat…and then on repeat again. She’s amazing!

Wasting: post it notes. Rather than writing out typical “to-do” list like a normal person, I like to write each task that I have to complete on an individual post-it note and stick them on the wall of my apartment. It feels so good to peel those suckers off!

Sewing: ...*question mark* 

Wishing: Hulu would add the latest season of Real Housewives New Jersey to the queue. I was late to the game and need to catch up. 

Enjoying: edible cookie dough. I’ve gotten in to the habit of having a spoonful before bed every night. It’s a problem that I have no intentions of solving any time soon.10729185_936120556416377_619806873_n

Waiting: for my camera lens cap to magically reappear. Can’t find it anywhere!

Liking: Foam-rolling.

Wondering: Who thought it would be a good idea for Nick Jonas to rhyme “hellish” with “jealous” in his new song. Actually, I’m just wondering who thought this song was a good idea at all. I think the lyrics of The Thong Song are more profound.

Loving: These shoes. Partially because they’re adorable, but mostly because they were $8Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 1.08.55 PM

Hoping: The folks at Wheel of Fortune finally approve my contestant application this month. No, but really…

Marveling: at good hair days that require zero effort. Seriously. This never happens.10731568_560868377348598_325834390_n

Needing: More hangers. Actually, what I probably need is less clothes. Wait. No. Forget I said that. What I really need is a tracking device for my camera lens cap.

Smelling: Rotting bananas…and I like it.

Wearing: mixed prints, oversized scarves, and ballet flats <– my go-to wardrobe as of late. 10731476_1530506893853877_293854310_n

Following: Snacktherapy. Hilarious, gorgeous, and totally knows what’s up in regards to body image and livin’ life!

Noticing: how awful my posture is when I don’t take a mental note of how I’m sitting / standing.

Knowing: Often times the things that take us out of our comfort zone are exactly what we need. 

Thinking: about potential yoga retreats.

Feeling: curious.

Bookmarking: Lee’s Single-serving Maple Pistachio Cinnamon Roll . She’s my go-to girl for recipes. Single-servings, simple ingredients, and she has a really special way of making unconventional food pairings work.cinn

Opening: e-mails

Giggling: I’m laughing…and taking note.


That was fun! Your turn: What are you watching, eating, loving, wondering, etc. lately? 

4 tips for building a stand-out resume that will help you land the job!

Applying for a job is tough. You can have amazing credentials, references, and a killer GPA, but in the end what it comes down to is having something special that separates you from the pack.

The job application process is additionally difficult because even if you have a stand-out personality and amazing work ethic, it’s hard to articulate that on paper. Your resume and cover letter really are your only opportunities to showcase who you are and, though graduating from a reputable school with honors may impress some, often times it may not be enough to sway employers in your favor. I knew this would be the case for me when applying for social media and design jobs, especially because my degree is in Education (I know…). I felt inadequate and lacked confidence in abilities. I don’t have a famous great grandfather and no hablo espanol, so I knew I needed to catch their attention with my resume. resume
Here are a few of my tips that will help you build a stand-out resume.

Showcase who you are: For me, I design…so naturally I wanted that to be the emphasis of my resume. I also lack any formal design training, so I opted to use that to my advantage rather than allowing it to be a detriment. That being said, it’s also important to balance authenticity with professionalism. You don’t want to swing too far one way or the other. Alongside my design resume (above), I also included a more formal resume with my credentials and contact information. I think supplementing the two lends to your versatility and ability to adapt.

Make it aesthetically pleasing: Even if you lack design skills, be sure that the font is easily readable, organized, and use headers to differentiate between separate sections. (Educations, skills, experience, etc).

Highlight your skills: It’s tough building a resume when you don’t have any past professional experience. Don’t allow this to get you discouraged. We all start somewhere! In these cases it’s really important to compensate for your lack of experience by emphasizing your skills. Everyone is “determined” and “hard-working”, but what talents can you lend to a company? Don’t sell yourself short here. Include anything, even if you don’t necessarily think it’s relevant to the position. You may have a skill that the company didn’t even realize that they needed until you mentioned it!

References / letters of recommendation: Naturally resumes are going to be bias. Okay. We get it. You think you’re amazingly qualified for the job – but employers also take a lot of stock in how amazingly qualified other people think you are. Build a strong collection of references and letters of recommendation from credible sources (aka not your mom). Oh! and be sure to include references that will actually speak well on your behalf. Most companies do follow up and contact your references, so your employer from 7 years ago who probably doesn’t remember you name might not be the best candidate.

Overall, without an interview your resume may be the only chance that you have to really demonstrate who you are. Use it as a platform to let your creativity uniqueness shine through!

Need help building your own killer resume? I’d love to work with you! Shoot me an e-mail and we’ll chat :)

What are your thoughts on resumes? I think they’re a necessarily evil. Necessary in that it’s important for companies to know that you are somewhat coherent, but evil in the sense that they’re often misleading. Someone that may lack experience may be super ambitious and hard-working, whereas someone with 30+ years of experience may be burnt out.

Do you have any tips for building a great resume?