what the font? part 1 | best sites to find fonts

Beautiful typeography make me giddy. I could spend hours browsing for new fonts, and oftentimes do.

There are a TON of websites where you can download both free and premium fonts. It can be overwhelming! Chances are, your needs for fonts will vary depending on your intended use for them. If you’re creating a simple graphic in Photoshop or some other design software, free fonts are definitely adequate. If you’re designing for high-res prints or other professional purposes – premium fonts are, well, premium.

I’ve consolidated a list of my three my favorite sources for both free and premium fonts. (Not sure what the difference is? Click here to read more about why fonts are so expensive…and why they may be worth the cost) WTF_1

Web-safe | Google Web Fonts: Have you ever seen a strand of text displayed one way on your computer and found it looked totally different on someone else’s? Chances are the font that you were looking at wasn’t “web-safe”. That’s where Google Web Fonts comes in. Each of the fonts are web-safe and will display the same across all monitors. This is particularly important for fonts that are embedded throughout your website design. If you’re using fonts just for graphics that you’ll be creating in Photoshop then it’s not necessary for the font to be web safe.

Free | Dafont.com: This used to be my favorite source for fonts until I discovered how much a difference premium fonts make. Dafont has a really large selection of typefaces and you can filter your preferences based on what you’re looking for (i.e. handwritten, serif, san-serif, etc). The one hang-up about Dafont.com is that the quality of the fonts is subpar, as is to be expected. Again, it’s going to depend on what or who you’re designing for.

Premium Fonts | Fontspring: The cost of premium fonts can be a little overwhelming at first. Some run upwards of $100 (I know, right?). Often times the high cost is because premium fonts are sold as font families. This means that you’ll get a bundle that has all of the font styles (hairline, light, normal, bold, extra bold, black). The great thing about Fontspring is that you can purchase fonts “per-weight”. So if you just want the “normal” style of a font, then that’s all you’re paying for. As far as premium fonts go, this is definitely the best option for staying within a budget. The selection of fonts is really extensive and they also offer great licensing options.

And, my friends, we’ve only scratched the surface. Stay tuned for part 2: how to download and install fonts on to your computer. 

What style of fonts do you gravitate towards? serif? san-serif? handwritten? Not sure the difference between all of these? Let me know and feel free to leave any other questions that you have! 



custom header giveaway!

So I bought a new toy…image

I mentioned the other day that my old computer was on it’s last legs, and last Friday it finally bit the bullet. I was heart-broken, vulnerable, and may have been on the rebound when I made this impulsive purchase, but I have no regrets.

I’m not sure if it’s the larger screen, the loading speed, or the fact that there aren’t crumbs embedded between all of the keys, but I am so in love with this computer. Seriously. I just want to look at it all day and make really pretty things (similar to my attitudes towards Jude Law).

I just downloaded Photoshop and am anxious to see what this sucker can do, so I thought I’d host a design giveaway. headergiveaway

One winner will receive a custom header for their blog, sized and suited to fit within their current theme and design preferences.

To enter:

Leave a comment letting me know why you want a new custom header for your blog

Additional entries:

// Blog about this giveaway and leave comment with a link to your post
// Follow PBJ on Instagram
// Follow PBJ on Twitter
// Tweet about the giveaway
// Post about the giveaway on Facebook

Essentially any social media plug will land you an additional entry. Just be sure to comment here and let me know! 

Giveaway will run until Sunday, October 26th, and I’ll announce the winner Monday morning :)  

Flow Friday

I’ll be honest — I love that yoga has given me the physical strength and flexibility to whip out cool party tricks, but what I really appreciate about my practice is that it always proves to be exactly what I need it to be. Yogaglo is the best resource for building an at-home practice…particularly because each of their classes are so committed to a strong intention. Typically I browse through their class selection at night and settle on something I want to work on the following morning. If I feel physical discomfort somewhere or like I’m lacking strength in a certain area, I’ll choose a class that  focuses on that. If I’m feel stressed or anxious, I’ll choose a more therapeutic class. I also love that there are so many diverse and knowledgable instructors. Each lends their own dynamic style to a class and it’s really helped me develop as a student and *hopefully* future teacher.

Aside: I also try to incorporate pilates classes 2 – 3 times a week as well. It’s really helped to strengthen my core and combat a lot of the back pain that I’ve been dealing with. I stream pilates classes over at pilatesanytime.com

I decided to keep a record of my classes from this past week to share with you. It’s kind of cool to look back and reflect on the classes I chose. Apparently I needed a solid dose of self-reflection this week. It paid off because I definitely feel a lot more content with some things that have been weighing on my bind (but more on that later!)


Monday: Awaken a deep state of calm with Kia Miller

Tuesday: Amplify your vision, quiet your mind with Elena Brower + 40 minute mat class with Kristi Cooper

Wednesday: Lower back pain flow with Tiffany Cruikshank *I try to do this flow once a week. It really helps me focus on proper alignment. 

Thursday:  Curvy flow with Amy Ippoliti (one of my favorites! I love the feminine approach that she lends to each pose) + 30 minute mat class with Meredith Rogers

Friday: Forget the Story, Find Your Fire with Kathryn Budig (this one kicked my ass this morning! but SUCH a great takeaway!)

On Saturdays I sleep and on Sunday I go to my new favorite yin class. 

Obviously yoga is a really important part of my life that I really want to share more of. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to leave them below.

Do you tend to follow the same workout plan week to week or do you switch it up? What kind of workouts do you prefer? Once upon a time I liked having a solid plan to work off of (remember my ballet body days? I had my entire exercise schedule planned for an entire month. It was glorious!) but right now I prefer the more intuitive approach to fitness.

Ghosts of Halloween’s past

Can we believe that Halloween is only two weeks away? This is completely irrelevant to my life because I could care less about the holiday itself – but I can’t believe that we’re almost in to November… which means we’re almost in to December… which means it’s almost 2015…which means…well, not much yet – but I’m intent on changing that :)

Being that it is #tbt, I thought it would be a good opportunity to dig in to the inevitable vault of embarrassing college pictures and uncover some oldies but goodies: halloween costume edition. 

First up, we have my favorite and – perhaps scariest – costume.


I scared small children.

Of course, the obligatory “sexy *fill in the blank* costume” had to make an appearance at some point. Sexy Native American. (<- see how politically correct I am!)69334_1484684237178_5165592_n

though I think the turkey may have been sexier.

One year I had the seemingly brilliant idea to dress as Mother Nature, but ended up spending the entire night explaining to people why I was wearing fake garland and carrying a watering can. People just don’t get me.67279_164246053598475_3400713_n

On the bright side, I had an excuse to buy a really cute dress. 

A not so brilliant idea? that time I dressed as siamese twins with my roommate who was a solid 12 inches shorter than me. 76466_168004646555949_5825138_nOn another note, that shirt…?


I wish I had some pictures from my earlier years, but I’m sure 5+ years of dressing as a Pink Power Ranger probably wouldn’t gauge much interest anyway.

Your turn: What was your best / worst (depending on your perspective) costume? Bonus points for photographic evidence! 

The Hump Dump

…because I still giggle like a 12 year old boy when I hear the phrase “hump day”…

…because I love a good rhyme….

…and because I need a themed post that allows me to share all of my miscellaneous thoughts that don’t necessarily negate an entire blog post…

I have a feeling this is one of those ideas that I’m going to regret in 5 minutes, but right now it’s making me laugh. Feel free to grab, link back, and play along.

Letz go.

- There are pros and cons to every situation.

10724807_376054445881046_1457748800_nCons: my car hates me . Pros: The mechanic who changed my oil was really sexy.

Spotify rocks my pants off. Sometimes literally.

- I refuse to pay more than $15 for a pair of jeans, but I will willingly pay $20+ for a collection of really good chocolate.


- I’ve fallen in love two times in the past 4 days. But really, can you blame me?


- I tend to get inside my head a lot in weighing what’s right or wrong, so recently I’ve been proactively opting to go with my gut rather than micro-analyzing every potential outcome. It’s proven to be working for me so far. Conscious intuition? Oxymoronic, perhaps… but I dig it. Don’t worry… I’m not going to start another blog about it ;)

- I really want this fish condo. I could do without the fish – I just think it’s such a cool decorative piece. It reminds me of the house on So Little Time. (anyone?)

- Speaking of things I want to buy…
download (1)

- Thank you guys SO MUCH for the warm welcome back. I appreciate you like crazy.

- My computer is going to die in, like, 2 seconds. I’m looking to invest in a replacement but can’t decide whether I want to go buck wild with an iMac, or stick to an updated version of my MacBook. The latter obviously appeals to mobility, is less expensive, and is certainly more practical… but DAMN, those iMacs are really good-looking machines. Any recommendations either way? Please and thanks!

What’s on your hump dump list?  

I’m coming home

I’m a prisoner of change. I thrive on newness and the prospect of new experiences. I wander. Often barefoot.

That being said,  there are some things -  some special, beautiful, lingering elements of life that I couldn’t imagine living without.



Creativity (which, for me, can be subcategorized in to yoga, design, photography, and writing).

Those things I can committ to 110%. Those things are facets of who I am. Those things are my blood, my heart, my spirit. Those things have identified me for the past 6 years as Peanut Butter and Jenny.

I’ve candidly documented struggles and triumphs, deaths and births, laughter and tears on this blog. This site was the first that I designed myself (with many, many, many redesigns to follow). I invested in my first SLR camera so I could take “pretty pictures of oatmeal” like the “big time bloggers”; unknowing that I would soon stumble on a full blown obsession with photography. I discovered yoga as a means of conforming to the HLB community, only to find that my practice is what kept me from conforming to the HLB community.

…and in the midst of all these discoveries, I found myself.

I initially left PBJ as a means of leaving behind a memory of who I was, but after spending some time away -  I’ve realized that this blog is exactly why I’m not that person any more.  Without this creative outlet and the invaluable friendships that I’ve made through this community – I definitely wouldn’t be where I am now.

I’m so damn grateful for where I am now.

So I’m back where it all began. For those of you who have followed me on my journey, thank your for your continued support and love. I have some more crazy shenanigans up my sleeve for my future, and I hope that you’re all willing to come along for the ride with me.

It’s good to be home.

featured design // girl meets life


website: girl meets life | www.girlmeetslife.com

client’s vision: “clean, chic, sharp”

client testimonial

Working with Jenny was like working with a good friend. She was attentive and responsive, and it was evident that she really made an effort to fully understand my vision and design preferences from the very beginning. Her design process made it easy for me to convey exactly what I was looking for. I felt at ease putting my blog in her hands! I definitely recommend Jenny and will be using her again for future design projects.

New Service // Custom Wall Art

Currently the decor in my apartment is that of an insane asylum: white on white, with a subtle hint of white.

Since moving down here I’ve been browsing for  some art to adorn my walls, but haven’t been able to find anything that really grabbed me (though the One Direction poster in Target was tempting…). I decided to put my graphic design skills to good use and create some wall art for myself, and thought to provide this as a new design service. I’ll be offering pre-made and custom prints for $19.

Here are some samples:



How it works: 

| Click on over here to fill out my custom wall art design questionnaire:

| If you have a photo that you would like me to use, ensure that it’s 300 dpi for printing quality purposes. If you don’t have a photo but still want to use one in your design, you can purchase a stock image through me for a reduced price (we can talk more about that!)

| Printing: I’ll send you a high res .jpeg file of your image which will be easy for you to upload and print to your desired location (CVS, Walgreens, Staples, Costco, etc). You also may want to check out Groupon for some really great offers on canvas art and other alternative printing options. I invested in 3 of these Metal Printed Photo Canvas. Groupon always has some kind of frame / art deal going on, so definitely check that out first!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions :) You can check out my other design services here!